Venus București - Viitorul Bucureștii Noi

Today, february 2nd 2020 our team Venus Bucharest played a friendly match against one of the our opponent in championship.

After a spectacular game and plenty of goals, Venus won with 6-3 (3-0). The scorers for our team: Mardale (2), Florea , Cosmin Szakacs, Cristea and Graur.

The first eleven: Zamfir - Ciupercea, Crăciun, Iulian, Antonescu - Florea, Tufeanu, Cristea, Mardale - Cașu, Cosmin Szakacs.

Substitues: Graur, Silviu, Teo, Stoica and Ionescu. Managers: Alex Răducu and Cătălin Brănescu.

Statements after the game:

"I am satisfied how the lads played today especially because was the first game this year after the off-season period. The effort was more intense than I expected. We have few things to improve in our defense but I hope we'll get all these until the first day of the spring season. Regarding the squad, we have 6 new players and I hope they will integrate theirselves into the Venus family." (Alex Răducu-manager)

"Today's game showed like a real football game should be, the team played very well, we had a very good passing game and I want to congrats the boys for the way they played today. I am very happy for those 2 goals I scored, the second one was a really nice one indeed. At the same time I want to congratulate the other team for the fair play spirit they shown even if this was a friendly game.I wish them good luck for the future." (Radu Mardale-miedfielder)

The next friendly game will be next Sunday, february 9th 2020, in Nucet, against the local team GSA. The kick-off is scheduled for 12:00PM.


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